New Small Group Study

Everyone is invited as we start a new series on the prophets Elijah and Elisha on April 27, 2021.  Join us online at 7:00pm each Tuesday evening via Zoom as we work our way through the book Faith in the Face of Apostasy by Ray Dillard.

Book copies can be obtained here: paperback, Kindle, or iTunes/ePub.

“Ray Dillard [former professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary] was a beloved teacher, mentor, and colleague to both of the editors of this series. If not for his untimely death on October 1, 1993, he would certainly have been the editor himself. Indeed, his passion and example for grappling with the issues of reading the Old Testament as a Christian inspired us to pursue a series of this kind. It is therefore fitting that the initial volume comes from his own hand. This book exemplifies the kind of strategy we are trying to communicate for reading the Old Testament as Christians. While Ray had finished a draft of the book in May of 1992, it was never published. We have made some minor additions and consolidations to bring the project to completion. The essence is his. We are grateful to our Savior for using his servant Ray Dillard in our lives and pray that others will profit as we have.” Tremper Longman III | J. Alan Groves
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